Building Print to Mobile Web Advertising Solutions for Small Business

“Enhance Your Print Advertising Strategy with”

“Building Print to Mobile Web Advertising Solutions for Small Business”

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Todd Edwards, All Rights Reserved.

Deliver Dynamic Content to your Mobile Web Ads by embedding

RSS feeds directly into your ad design.

Connect your Mobile Web Advertisement to any number of your business’ social media pages, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr.  See firsthand how Mobile Web Advertising can help increase your brand’s customer base.

Embed (or link to) your brand’s video (i.e. YouTube) content into your mobile advertisement.

Electrify your traditional print ads by embedding QR codes in your print campaigns. 

QR codes allow smartphone users to easily access your brand’s Mobile Web Advertising content.  QR codes can be placed effectively in a variety of settings such as:

  1. Business Cards

  2. Postcards

  3. Signage

  4. Traditional Print Advertising

  1. The Design Modules outlined below are all

  2. standard options for your ad design campaign.

  3. Select from the features below that can

  4. help grow your brand.

Place your business’s Google Map location directly in your Mobile Web Advertisement.

Track the number of visitors to your Mobile Web Advertisement up to the minute.  This feature provides you with a real-time metric as to the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

Place your custom content perfectly in your Mobile Web Advertisement.  Whether its a PDF, Image, Logo, Menu or Price Pages, Sound or Video Clip... it all can be a part of your campaign.

Design Campaigns starting @ $750 per year.
(Print  Design + Mobile Ad Design + Hosting*)
CALL NOW (724)-769-0515 for details and
get a price quote for your campaign.Call Now (724)-769-0515

Web Hosting* comes standard with all of our Mobile Web Advertising design campaigns.  If you prefer your own hosting solution, we can also upload the Mobile Web Advertising design to your existing site.

  1. *all hosted sites are stored at:

email contact: